If you've requested Document Management in your site setup, you will generally have the "DocMan" system. This does three things:

1. allows you to keep all your documents in one place and track updates

2. makes links to documents simple

3. Allows you to restrict who can download which documents

DocMan offers an easy tool to upload files. You will likely want to use PDF format for easy download by your site visitors.* In certain instances you may want Word documents or spreadsheets if the person downloading the file is expected to be able to edit the file, such as an expense requisition form or the organization's letterhead.

* If you don't have a program that creates PDF files, I recommend PDF Creator, which is open source software from SourceForge.

There are two parts to learning to manage your documents. One is using the DocMan program, and the other is linking to those documents using your site article editor.

Learning DocMan

Two functions are necessary here: updating and uploading files. Seems like we're doing this backwards, but there is a reason:

When you UPDATE a file, you must use this method rather than uploading a new file. Updating a file REPLACES the previous file and you will not have to change any links to the document. The FILE NAME of the document you are uploading does not have to be the same as the one it's replacing, BUT the Document Title does!