This system has some convenience features I highly recommend. The ADVANCE LINK MANAGER allows to you easily choose documents, articles, or menu items that are already on your site (the links on your main menu for example), and updates the links automatically if, say, a document is updated.

Get ready to ADD or EDIT an article.

1. Highlight some text and click the ADVANCED LINK button (on the bottom row, it's the piece of chain with a small green PLUS sign on it).


The ADVANCED LINK window will open. If you'd like to link to a PDF dopcument stored in your Document Manager, you'll see them all listed when you click the DocMan icon in the list. You can choose one and click the INSERT button at the lower left.


If you are looking for a link to an article or a menu item, those are available too. Again, select and click INSERT.



To add an external link (to another website for example), type (or cut and paste) its address in the URL box near the top. In this case I would usually also look to the bottom of the window just before the INSERT button and change the TARGET from ---Not Set--- to "New Window."